Is your Himalayan Salt Real or Fake?

With the increasing popularity of all things “Himalayan Salt”, some importers are getting very creative in an effort to cut costs. Let’s discuss Himalayan Salt Lamps for a moment.

You’re probably thinking, “how do I know if a lamp is real or a fake?”

These 10 points should answer your questions.

1. The price is very low. We are not just talking about a sale. We all have sales from time to time. This allows us to move older stock and make room for new shipments. It’s standard practice in business. We are talking about ridiculously low prices. The rarest Himalayan salt lamps is the pure white kind. This type of vein is very rare and expensive. Not just because of the rarity, but because governments tax it at a higher rate when exported. A small “authentic” white Himalayan salt lamp should cost two to three times that of a red one.

2. It is very large and gives off a lot of light. A large Himalayan salt lamp does not diffuse the light uniformly. the larger the lamp, the less light it will emit. This is because the thickness of the lamp will reduce the amount of light that is able to pass through the rock.

3. It will not break. Real Himalayan salt lamps are quite fragile.

4. It does not collect moisture residue. Authentic Himalayan salt lams will continuously collect moisture and produce a thin film of white residue which mist be wiped off periodically. Fake salt lamps will not collect moisture.

5. No changes in respiration after a few weeks. Most people report changes in respiratory issues. Real Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions which attract dust particles in the air. They also have other beneficial results after just a few weeks. Respiratory issues like reduction on allergies and asthma symptoms, better sleep patterns, less stress and anxiety etc.

It should also be noted that fake salt lamps may have dangerous toxins like fluoride. Just another reason to make sure you get your salt products from a reputable source like zenspicerack.com. For more information about Himalayan salt, visit our blog.

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