Zen Spice is a world leading brand of Himalayan salt products, organic herbs & spices and other eco-friendly kitchen products.

Zen Spice Himalayan Salt, in addition to its satisfying flavor, is infused with 84 minerals and trace elements that have formed over millions of years in the pristine Himalayan mountains. Zen Spice is proud to offer this
hand-mined, unprocessed, unrefined, culinary body friendly salt. Zen Spice Salt contains iron, phosphorous, magnesium, rubidium, sulfur, calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, and contains traces of boron, iodine,
selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, among many others.

Not all Himalayan salt is the same. In fact, there is actually “counterfeit” pink salt, which is basically table salt that has been dyed.
We spent nearly a year to choose the correct mine to source our salt. Sourced from the southern steppes of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, our Zen Spice Red, Pink and Black salts are the absolute highest quality and cleanest available.
Our salt mine is one of the last few remaining mines that DO NOT use any machinery that burns fuel to extract our salt.
This means that there is zero fossil fuel exhaust contamination.
We then send our sealed container to our facility on the US island of Guam. It is on the pristine tropical island of Guam that native Chamorro islanders bag your salt using manual filling machines and is sealed immediately. Our processing facility is not only state-of-the-art, but completely and free of environmental pollutants. We choose to do it this way, so we can insure that our product is not exposed to pollutants like other brands are.
Our salt is fast becoming known as the cleanest and best tasting Himalayan salt in the world.
The shade of salt determines the mineral content. The darker the salt, the more minerals (like iron) there are. We insure that our salt is not only the highest quality available, but our entire process is Kosher, Halal. We even strive to have as minimal a carbon footprint as possible.
It is professed by quite a lot of natural health professionals that the use of our salt has many positive health benefits.